Work In Progress


My first official blog post! Each week, I will either choose a theme, or medium (i.e. watercolor), or process and explore that subject. My blog is quite literally my work in progress. I have no formal art training, other than high school and a painting class I sat in on while at WVU, so I am still very much myself a work in progress. My goal this week was to practice working quickly. I mentioned before I have a sketch book filled with ideas that never come to fruition because I think they will take too long to create. I want to break that habit and in order to create something for my Thursday post each week I will need to adapt and work quickly to get my ideas on paper.

This week, I’ve been knee deep in everything Halloween. I thought I’d continue with that theme here. But first I have to make a confession……I have a rather weird obsession with cemetery statues. I have no idea where it came from. I find something both sad and beautiful about them. I chose the veiled statue because 1) it creeps me out a bit and 2) I think it is fascinating how someone can manipulate stone to look like a veil of fabric. This particular statue is in a Graveyard in Vienna.
All three pictures I did in under two hours. The first two I drew from photographs. The third and fastest was my own interpretation of a haunted house. I hope you enjoyed the first of 52 weekly posts!

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