Santa Graffiti

My husband and I have moved to four different cities during our 13 years together. It wasn’t until we started a family that where we lived felt like home. We’ve been in the same place for six years now. We have a life here, friends, favorite hiking paths, Taco Tuesday, a church. I see people we know all over town, it gives me the small town feelsies. We live in a small town right outside of Raleigh. Our town’s claim to fame? Scotty McCreery (country music singer and winner of season 10 on American Idol). The downtown was developed between 1883 and 1940. It has seen booms and busts like most southern small towns. But with the accessibility to the Research Triangle Park and a number of Universities, small towns like mine are being revived. The picture above is one of the buildings downtown that will soon be turned into a restaurant. I had to get a picture because my great-grandma’s name was Hazel (and she ran a grocery store in the small town I grew up in). It felt like a sort of sign to me (both literally and figuratively). This is the place where I want to establish myself as an artist and become a part of the growing creative community that I live in. So when a friend told me about a chance to paint Christmas scenes with other artists, I stepped out of my comfort zone and signed myself up. A local graphics company organized a one day event where local artists could come and paint Christmas scenes on the windows of downtown businesses in an effort to decorate downtown before the Christmas tree lighting next week. I had a great time, I haven’t done window painting since high school. A huge shout out to Graphix House for organizing such a great event and for Full Bloom Coffee for keeping me caffeinated and warm!
This is the first of what I hope to be many opportunities to establish myself as a local artist. Next year I want to get involved in the Garner Pop Up market where over 40 local vendors showcase their talents the last Saturday of everything month from April-November.
I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving! Now bring on Christmas!

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